Lisa Stanfield - Change

Lisa Stanfield - The Real Thing


Affection (1989)

1.This Is The Right Time|2.Might Love| 3.Sincerity|4.The Love In Me|5.All Around The World|6.What Did I Do To You?|7.Live Together|8.You Can't Deny It|9.Poison|10.When Are You Coming Back?|11.Affection|12.Wake Up Baby|13.The Way You Want It

Real Love (1991)

1.Change |2.Real Love |3.Set Your Loving Free |4. I Will Be Waiting |5.All Woman|6.Soul Deep|7.Make Love To Ya|8.Time To Make You Mine|9.Symptoms Of Loneliness & Heartache| 10.It's Got To Be Real|11.First Joy|12. Tenderly|13.A Little More Love

So Natural (1993)

1.So Natural|2.Never Set Me Free|3.I Give You Everything| 4.Marvellous & Mine|5.Goodbye|6.Little Bit Of Heaven|7.Sweet Memories|8.She's Always There|9.Too Much Love Makin'| 10.Turn Me On|11.Be Mine|12.In All The Right Places|13.Wish It Could Always Be This Way

Lisa Stansfield (1997)

1.Never Gonna Fall|2.The Real Thing|3.I'm Leavin'|4.Suzanne| 5.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up|6.Don't Cry For Me|7.The Line|8.The Very Thought Of You|9.You Know How To Love Me| 10.I Cried My Last Tear Last Night|11.Honest|12.Somewhere In Time|13.Got Me Missing You|14.Footsteps|15.The Real Thing (Touch Mix)|16.People Hold On (Bootleg Mix)

The #1 One Remixes [EP] (1998)

1. I'm Leavin'|2. Never, Never Gonna Give Up|3. The Real Thing|4. Never Gonna Fall|5. People Hold On|6. Never, Never Gonna Give You Up|7. I'm Leavin'|8. Never Gonna Fall|9. The Real Thing|10. The Line

Swing (1999)

1.Ain't What You Do|2.Ain't Nobody Here But Us Chickens| 3.Baby I Need Your Lovin'|4.Why Do We Call It Love|5.Our Love Is Here To Stay|6.Watch The Birdie|7.The Best Is Yet To Come| 8.Blitzkrieg Baby|9.Two Years Too Blue|10.Mack The Knife

Face Up (2001)

1.I've Got Something Better|2.Let's Just Call It Love|3.You Can Do That|4.How Could You?|5.Candy|6.I'm Coming To Get You|7.8-3-1|8.Wish On Me|9.Best Friend's Boyfriend|10.Don't Leave Me Now I'm In Love|11.Didn't I?|12.Face Up|13.When The Last Sun Goes Down|14.All Over Me

Biography (2003)

1.Change|2.Someday (I'm Coming Back)| 3.This Is The Right Time|4.The Real Thing|5.People Hold On (c/ ColdCut)|6.In All The Right Places|7.So Natural|8. Time To Make You Mine|9.Live Togheter|10.Little Bit Of Heaven|11.Set Your Loving Free|12.Let's Just Call Love|13.Never, Never Gonna Give You Up|14.These Are The Days Of Our Lives (c/Queen & George Michael)|15.Down In The Depths|16.All Woman|17.All Around The World

The Moment 2004 All tracks produced By Trevor Horn at Sarm Studios, London
Treat Me Like A Woman
When Love Breaks Down
Say It To Me Now
He Touches Me
Lay Your Hands On Me
The Moment
If I Hadn’t Got You
Take My Heart
Love Without A Name
Takes A Woman To Know



Fontes : Canal Pop; Lisa So Natural; Universo Musical